Want To Replace Display Of Your Samsung TV? Here’s How You Can Do It

Want To Replace Display Of Your Samsung TV? Here’s How You Can Do It

Televisions nowadays have come a long way from being a big, bulky box. Modern televisions are much slimmer with highly improved hardware, screen, display, and picture resolution. Modern TVs are available in various versions depending on the display technology they use, such as LCD, LED, OLED, and plasma.

The hardware of modern televisions is also quite advanced. These days televisions are more compact, lightweight and are designed to be mounted on the wall. In case they are not mounted, there is a high chance for them to tumble down and fall over. This might damage the screen and subsequently, the display of your TV. 

A damaged display is often accompanied by colorful vertical crack lines on the screen, spots and patches, small dots, half-dead screen, and other distortions. Are you encountering the same issue and looking for TV Repair Dubai services? Then go through this article till the last.

Know the Extent and Nature of Damage Caused to the Screen:

It is very important for you to ascertain the extent and nature of damage when any electrical equipment faces a technical issue. This is the first step to solve the problem at hand. Before you decide what needs to be done to repair the TV display, you need to be sure how much damage your TV screen has faced. 

There is a glass screen present above the actual screen. At first, you need to make sure whether just the protective glass screen is damaged or the actual screen is also damaged. 

Depending on this, you will have to decide what kind of repair is needed for your TV. If the actual screen is intact but the protective glass is damaged, then your TV can be repaired at home.

On the other hand, if the actual screen gets damaged, then you will have to ask for professional assistance. The professional will diagnose the problem and make sure where the problem lies. He will supply the replacement parts and components and repair the damaged screen.

In case, the damage has not gone past the protective screen, then the replacement parts would be cheaper to get. It would also be easier for you to obtain the spare parts and repair the damaged screen. 

But when the damage has reached the actual screen of the TV, then you will have to pay more for the replacement parts and also hire a technician for TV repair service in Dubai.

How to Replace the Cracked Screen at Home?

Here we are going to discuss some general steps that you can follow if you own a Samsung TV that has a damaged screen and which needs to be replaced soon. 

In case the damage is within the safe limits, you can replace the screen at home without spending money unnecessarily on TV repair technicians. You just need to purchase the replacement part, in this case, a replacement screen. After you have got a replacement screen, you can follow these instructions carefully to set up the new screen:

  • Carefully unmount the TV from the wall. Do this by yourself by closely following the steps that are described in the user manual guide that comes with the TV. You should pay attention while unmounting the TV. If possible, take help from someone else also.
  • Remove all external cables attached to the TV. Detach it from the DVD player, satellite box and other apparatus.
  • Now, lay the TV slowly on a soft surface.
  • Find out the frame screws of your TV screen. Remove the frame screws carefully.
  • After this, remove the frame that exists around the damaged screen.
  • Slowly remove the internal cables that go from the TV frame to the cracked screen.
  • Now, remove the cracked screen.

After that, place the new replacement screen and connect the internal cables back to the power source. Now, switch on the TV and hope for the best.

There are various components that work together to make your television work. The display of your TV may not work because of any single faulty component. In that case, it’s better to leave it to professionals for TV repair in Dubai.

Rely on the Best TV Repair Services in Dubai 

If in case, the damage takes place in a much more sophisticated component than the protective screen guard, like capacitors, inverters, IR sensors, then it won’t be possible for you to repair the screen at home by yourself. 

Under such circumstances, you need to contact a technician for a proper TV repair service. They will diagnose the problem and identify which component is damaged. Accordingly, they will replace it with a fresh one.

If you are lucky enough and the television is still within its warranty period, then you can demand a free screen replacement from Samsung. However, if the warranty period no longer exists, then you will have to pay for the replacement part as well as for the services that you avail for replacing the display of the screen.

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