Safeguard your business and home with professional CCTV maintenance services in Dubai

Safeguard your business and home with professional CCTV maintenance services in Dubai

CCTV maintenance services Today, whether its business or home, there is a need for individualized CCTV security solutions for keeping a track on all the activities. A CCTV or closed circuit television system includes cameras, digital video recorders, network video recorders and monitors. With the use of the latest technology, these CCTV cameras become a powerful tool for indoor and outdoor surveillance, It also serves as a protection for your business and reduces crimes by keeping an eye on each and every activity on the place. Also, these CCTV cameras are designed with automatic adjustment for capturing images with high-resolution settings.

But with the daily usage of the equipment, its lifespan might decrease. Therefore, it is important to maintain your CCTV camera so that the users do not encounter any issues with it. If you come across any issues in the CCTV camera, you can opt to take help of reliable CCTV maintenance in Dubai. Professionals will not only rectify the errors that are hampering your security but will also provide some preventive measures for avoiding any such issues in the future.


Frequent CCTV camera issues reported by the users

The CCTV issues are quite frustrating, depending upon the causes which have given rise to issues in your CCTV device. For an inexperienced person, it is quite difficult to detect the exact cause behind the errors. But let’s take a look at some of the symptoms and causes behind the CCTV issues. You might be getting poor image quality on the CCTV monitor due to weak video signal strength, or your CCTV camera is suffering from severe fluctuations because of the irregular voltage or power. Apart from these, the CCTV can malfunction due to IP address conflicts or there might be issues in the rolling bars on the monitor of the CCTV.


In addition to this, sometimes, there can be permanent loss of the images which cannot be retrieved. The camera fails to perform well due to any internal damage or bad components or you are getting bright spots in the final image. Even, sometimes, the camera fails to detect the username or password or performance issues can arise due to difficulties in upgrading the firmware of the camera.

All the above-mentioned issues require proper maintenance and care. But if you lack the required technical knowledge, then it would not be possible for you to detect the reasons behind the technical fault and you will not be able to solve it. This will ultimately cause severe damage to your CCTV device. If you want to maintain the proper working of the CCTV camera, then you can opt for exceptional CCTV maintenance services in Dubai.


What benefits can you get by opting for CCTV maintenance services?

Professionals who deliver CCTV maintenance service in Dubai can install and provide necessary maintenance and repair for the issues of your CCTV. They are passionate to produce unprecedented support for various CCTV camera and video surveillance systems.

The CCTV maintenance agents, at first, verify the type and number of cameras installed as well as the lenses. Then, they checklist the comprehensive cleaning of the lenses and then check all the remote and automated control functions. Along with this, they also verify that all the cables are properly mounted and the insulated plastic is showing no sign of wear and tear. Also, you should check the proper functioning of the indicator lights. Not only this, after they have completed providing the maintenance services, they check all the fittings, fixtures and all the components in the CCTV circuits. They also ensure that your CCTV is free from any sort of physical or chemical damage.


A complete range of ideal CCTV maintenance services in Dubai also includes the improvement in the CCTV system by changing the parts of your CCTV system and upgrading it with frequent updates. It also helps in installing various CCTV cameras and digital video recorders. You should also choose services for wireless CCTV security cameras, various types of surveillance solutions and equipment, network recorders, DVD recorders and so on. You need to diagnose the issues in the CCTV cameras and video security products and accordingly look for solutions in an affordable range.


Why you should choose CCTV maintenance services in Dubai?

You must look for such a company that has been serving customers from around the world for many years by providing them with customized services. The team of experts should always keep themselves updated with the latest tools and techniques for resolving different types of issues related to CCTV. Trained and experienced CCTV specialists are the best people for providing real-time services through a customized dashboard. Also, there is the availability of advanced reporting facilities which are tailored to suit your requirements. Therefore, by opting for professional CCTV maintenance services in Dubai, you can avail the different sorts of CCTV maintenance, repairing and installation services in a completely hassle-free manner.

Series of common frequently asked questions:

  1. Does CCTV work without internet connection?

The IP CCTV cameras are without any internet access or Wi-fi connection and you still get video surveillance from far-off distant locations and rural places. Even you get a local recording without any internet access.

2. Does the use of wireless security cameras slow down your internet connection?

If you are using more than 2 Wi-fi cameras, then there is a chance that your router’s speed will slow down and that will slow down your internet connection too. Actually, a Wi-fi camera wirelessly connects back to the router and then, the router communicates through a CAT5 cable to the NVR.

3.  Does security cameras work even without power?

Usually, when the power is out, the security cameras stop working but then, there is a battery powered security camera, which serves as an exception. It runs on the power of the battery and thus continues to record even without electricity.

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