New smartphones are becoming available in the market, every single day. They are subject to attraction since more and more features and comfort factors are being implemented on them. In addition, their prices are going higher as well. No matter how high-end technology is behind a smartphone, it’s not beyond the chances of receiving accidental damage. For example, rapidly decreasing runtime, shattered screens, motherboard failure, etc....

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5 Tried and Tested Tips by UAE Technician iPhone touchscreens are impressive and precise since they are the only medium to connect you to your iOS device. However, iPhone touchscreens can malfunction due to technical and mechanical failure. The defective iPhone touchscreen is a grave concern and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. What can you do for the iPhone touch screen not working? Fortunately,...

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7 Tips to Get Trustworthy iPhone Repair Service in Dubai Online [A Comprehensive Guide] Your iPhone is undoubtedly an expensive gadget and the information it holds can be at stake during any repair emergency. After all, your iPhone is just like any electronic device and it can fail under extreme performance pressure, regular wear and tear, accidental drop-downs, and so on.  Eventually, the need for an iPhone...

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Repair Laptop Battery not Charging

Laptop batteries last for specific hours according to their capacities and build. After that, you have to plug in the power cable to your laptop. It might be threatening if you notice that you can’t charge the laptop battery even though you have inserted the power plug.  Isn’t your laptop’s battery capable of holding the charge, anymore? Well, that’s subject to more inspection and diagnosis. Apart...

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