How Much is Laptop Repair in the Philippines?

Laptop Repair in the Philippines

How Much is Laptop Repair in the Philippines?

You can usually find reliable laptop repairs at reasonable prices in most places. The laptop repair costs in the Philippines mainly depend on the services you need as it does in all other places. Apart from that, there are some other factors that can determine the cost of the repair as well. Hence, you might want an estimate of the price first from the repair company you hire. So, how much is laptop repair in the Philippines?

Is your laptop covered by a warranty? If yes, then you must simply claim the warranty if it is applicable to your laptop issues. Otherwise, you can get a repair from any of the reputable companies around your location. The price range for various laptop repairs in the Philippines is given below and other important information should help you with that. 

Laptop Repair Services Available in the Philippines and their Costs

How much is laptop repair in the Philippines? Well, you can find a vast range of laptop repair services in the Philippines. So, we are only going to take a look at the ones that you might commonly need. Here are some of the laptop repair services available in the Philippines and their prices:–

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance

You need to provide your laptop with regular and proper cleaning to prevent issues like overheating. Most people might prefer to do that by themselves but you can simply hire a professional and save some time. That can help you ensure an optimal cleaning for your laptop after all. All you need to do is find a laptop cleaning service at the right price. 

In the Philippines, a thorough laptop cleaning service has a starting price of about 500 PHP. And, the range can stretch up to 600 PHP. You can get a professional laptop cleaning using advanced tools and technology at this cost. Apart from that, you can also get the old screws and other small parts replaced by paying some more. 

  1. Keyboard Repair

You can fix your laptop’s keyboard issues by yourself in many cases, especially if it is a software problem. In case of a hardware problem, you might have to rely on a professional for a solution. You can get various types of keyboard repair services depending on the problem. 

Professional keyboard repairs can usually cost anywhere between 2000 and 4000 PHP in the Philippines. You can lower this cost by providing proper maintenance to your laptop. Do you need replacement keys for your laptop? Then, that might cost less than repairing the keyboard in some cases. 

  1. USB Port Repair

The USB ports of your laptop remain a crucial component for connecting other devices to your laptop. After all, you might not have the wireless option for connecting to all devices. Therefore, you might want to get any issues with the USB ports fixed immediately. 

A professional laptop USB port usually does not have a cost below 5000 PHP in the Philippines. However, many repair companies out there might have a special offer for you. So you might want to look for that while finding a suitable and reasonable laptop repair service. 

  1. Screen Repair

Display issues are among the common problems that you might encounter on your laptop. You do not need to get the screen replaced in such situations and a repair would usually be sufficient. The cost of the repair in this case depends on the exact problem with the display. 

Usually, a laptop screen repair ranges from 1000 to 1500 PHP if your laptop displays nothing. The cost might increase significantly if the device needs a screen replacement instead of a repair. 

  1. Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery is the most effective way to resolve any battery-related problems on your laptop. Also, the cost of this service depends on the brand of the laptop you are using. After all, the batteries from various brands do not have the same price range. Most reputable laptop repair services in the Philippines can offer you genuine replacement batteries. 

The model of your laptop might also determine the price of the battery replacement. You can get this service for laptops across most brands at a cost of 1000 and it can range up to 3000 PHP. Relying on various aspects, you might often have to pay a higher or lower price than this range. 

  1. Backlight Repair

You must approach a professional right away if there is any hardware issue with your laptop’s backlight. That should help you ensure an effective and long-lasting solution to the problem. You can find many repair services that can offer you efficient backlight repair at a great price. 

A good-quality laptop backlight repair would usually come at a starting price anywhere from 1000 PHP to 1400 PHP. Depending on the type of problem and repair required, you might also incur higher costs than that. 

How Much is Laptop Repair in the Philippines: Contributing Factors to Your Laptop Repair Costs

You can estimate your laptop repair costs by yourself if you know the factors that determine them. So, you must consider the following aspects while trying to calculate the laptop repair costs in the Philippines:– 

  1. Brand and Model

The brand and model of your laptop are the main factors of the repair costs. After all, numerous aspects of the repair are reliant on it. The repair costs are not the same for all brands and models as you probably know. Hence, you must consider the brand and model of your laptop first before other aspects. Then, check the prices that different reputable repair companies charge for the service you need. 

  1. Age of the Laptop

The older your laptop model is, the lower the availability of its parts usually is. So, fixing an old laptop might cost significantly more than repairing a comparatively newer model. Moreover, the parts of older laptops might be in quite poor condition. That would make repairing them a more time-consuming task and hence more costly as a result. 

  1. System Software

The operating system of your laptop matters when the device has a software issue. Most repair companies might charge different amounts for fixing laptops depending on the operating software. The system version might also be a significant factor in the repair costs.

  1. Type of Problem

The issue with your laptop is yet another key factor in the repair costs. After all, the repair service you need depends on the problem that you have encountered. So, you might want to research on the web about the right price to fix your laptop problem. That should help you to avoid paying an unnecessarily high price for a laptop repair. 

  1. Time Required for the Repair

Time is quite valuable for the repair provider as it is for you. So, they would probably include the time required for the repair as a factor in their service charges. You can lower the time required for the repair by maintaining your laptop properly. The best way to do that is by getting a repair whenever that is required without any unnecessary delay. 

How to Choose the Best Laptop Repair Service in the Philippines?

The method for finding the right repair service for your laptop is usually the same everywhere. All you need to do is consider a few important aspects of the options available and choose the one that sounds the most suitable for your requirements. Here are some of the things you must look for in a reliable and professional laptop repair service:–

Certified and Experienced Technicians

The people you hire to repair your laptop should be certified to perform the task. Otherwise, you might not get the results that you would want from them. Also, make sure the people you hire have enough experience to provide a competent laptop repair service. 


The laptop repair service you choose should be easy to access from your location. Moreover, they should have a simple and hassle-free booking procedure. Many laptop repair companies offer doorstep repairs whenever possible, nowadays. Therefore, you might want to look for a doorstep laptop repair to save some time. 

Round-the-clock Service

You might encounter laptop problems anytime and need an urgent solution for them. So laptop repair companies that offer their services 24×7 would be a better and more reliable choice for you. You can find many laptop repair providers out there who would fit this category. 

Flexible Service

The repair company should be able to provide you with personalised laptop repairs. That way you can remain assured of your complete satisfaction with the repair. A lot of repair companies offer you this benefit along with their services. So you might want to choose one of them for fixing your laptop problems. 

Good Prices

How much is laptop repair in the Philippines? Well, a lot of laptop repair companies can offer you professional repairs at reasonable prices. So it is not very difficult to find someone for whom you do not have to pay an unreasonable amount. Most people would probably want to check the charge for a specific laptop repair service before getting it. 

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