Laptop Issues

Repair Laptop at Home

With doorstep laptop repair services available, fixing your laptop at home is not a distant possibility anymore. So you can simply contact a professional technician at your residence to inspect and repair your laptop. Apart from that, you can also fix some of your laptop issues by yourself. However, it is better to contact a professional for fixing any complex hardware issues on the device.  How...

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Repair a Faulty Laptop

The latest Apple and Windows laptops come with 8-9 years of longevity. However, like other electronic devices, laptops are also vulnerable to damage. They can stop responding if something goes wrong with the motherboard. The device might also refuse to turn on due to an unwanted hard drive failure. Whatever the reason is, you can fix it by identifying the source of the laptop problem. Repairing...

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Replacing a broken MacBook screen

You will notice various visual defects when your Windows or Mac laptop’s screen breaks. Dead or stuck pixels might appear on the display when using the device. Discolouration is another problem that you might encounter due to a cracked screen. Besides, the laptop screen might appear black or not turn on at all for this issue. The screen is the most vulnerable to damage out of...

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Repair Laptop Camera

Laptop cameras are not that great for selfies but they are still important for video calls, conferences, and more. In the age of Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom, you need a functional webcam on your laptop. However, you might notice different issues with the laptop camera such as the webcam might not launch, or a consistent black screen appearing when you open the camera. This might...

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