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Today, whether its business or home, there is a need for individualized CCTV security solutions for keeping a track on all the activities. A CCTV or closed circuit television system includes cameras, digital video recorders, network video recorders and monitors. With the use of the latest technology, these CCTV cameras become a powerful tool for indoor and outdoor surveillance, It also serves as a protection...

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As burglars are becoming smart and using modern technologies to break into our homes and commercial setups, it is a time to opt for a CCTV camera. CCTV cameras are supposedly meant to provide an additional set of eyes and weave the security tighter even when we are not around our homes and commercial setups. CCTV cameras also play a major role to control anti-social...

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For providing a safer as well as faster online experience, SSL certificates are enabled by millions of websites. It provides privacy protection and confidentiality for online transactions. Some browsers like Google Chrome has got this feature inbuilt in it. But sometimes, the default settings of the browser mismatches with SSL certificates and it ultimately results in SSL connection error. If you are looking for the...

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Do you own a small or medium sized business which has a dedicated website for customers? Are you using SSL certificate to secure website with https enabled URL for your business website? If not, be prepared to get a notice from Google about marking your website as a “Not secure” one. Google has taken the step of announcing unencrypted sites as unsafe or not secure...

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