How to Change Dlink Router Wifi Password

How to Change Dlink Router Wifi Password

Change Dlink Router Wifi PasswordGet to Know About the Steps that You Need to Follow for Changing the Wifi Password of Dlink Router

Change Dlink Router Wifi Password: D-Link is the name of the company that manufactures networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communications solutions. This organization offers customer devices, other than providing network connectivity solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. You can also get networking solutions for wireless bridging, network storage, cable and DSL modems, PoE adapters, network adapters, routers and more. D-Link also produces wi-fi devices. With the help of this post, you will get to know how can you Change Dlink Router Wifi Password. Know Everything About Akamai NetSession.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for Change Dlink Router Wifi Password:

• Step1: First of all you need to open a web browser on a connected device. It is recommended to make use of a system that is connected to the router via Ethernet because wireless devices will lose connection when the wifi updates with new information.

• Step2: In the address bar of your browser, type which is a default address for most of the D-Link routers and then hit the enter button.

• Step3: Now, you need to enter https://dlinkrouter, this is a hostname and will work for many newer routers of D-Link.

• Step4: Locate the address of the router if nothing is working, if you are still unable to get to the router login screen. You can make use of the computer to look up the router address:

 Windows – In case of Windows device, make a right click on the icon of Network located in the System Tray. Now, you need to select the option of “Open Network and Sharing Center” and then click on “Connections.” You need to link to your current active connection at the top of the window. Choose the option of “Details” and copy the address of “IPv4 Default Gateway” as this is the address of your router.

 Mac – If you have a Mac device, then you need to click on the Apple menu option and then select “System Preferences”. Now, make a click on “Network” option. Select your active network connection. Click on the “Advanced” button and then Click on the “TCP/IP” tab. Copy the address of router from here.

Step 5: In the next step, you need to sign into your router by typing the admin as the username.

Step6: Now, you need to leave the field of the password as blank as mostly the routers don’t come with the assigned password. But if in case, leaving blank the password doesn’t work for you type admin in the box meant for the password.

Step7: If in case the above model doesn’t work for you, you can go to the website of and choose the option of “D-Link” from the listed menu. Locate the model of your router from the appeared list and enter the username and password displayed.

Step8: If in case, you are not able to log in by using any of these usernames and passwords, then press and hold the button of “Restart”. Once the restarting process is finished, the router will reboot. The router will then reboot; which may take a minute and you will be able to use the default information for login purpose.

Step9: Now, click on the option of the Wireless tab. If in case, this tab is not visible to you. Select the option of “Setup” and then click on “Wireless Settings.”

Step10: Now, click the menu of “Security Mode,” enable WPA2 Wireless Security and then click on Passphrase field.

Step11: Click on the button of Save Settings. Once you have edited the password, any wireless gadget will be disconnected from it and will need the new password to reconnect.

This is all you need to do for changing the password of Dlink wifi. If in case you are unable to get it done, you can take help from us. We at Tech Support Dubai have a unit of specialists; that is available on a 24×7 basis to provide you the Dlink router support.

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